About Us

The idea came about when one of our co+founders recently moved back to Kuala Lumpur. He realised he had a ton of unused goods that were just sitting in his wardrobe. There was a problem. He needed to make room for newer items and so he decided he would list them all up on Carousell. He'd have more space and earn some extra moolah at the same time.  Sounds great, right? 

But selling on Carousell and Mudah was easier said than done.  It was only after talking to around 30 different scammers and potential buyers that the first item was sold. The thought of going through the same process for the bulk of his other items was daunting. He figured he could not be the only only one feeling the same way.  A similar idea in Sweden had already existed and was helping a lot of people convert their unused stuff into cash and thus the idea of Sellez came to life. AN EASIER WAY TO SELL.



Sellez aims to help people sell things they do not use and to encourage eco-friendly shopping by giving you the hottest new and preloved fashion and unused beauty products to your doorstep at a cheaper price.