What do you accept for consignment?

We accept a wide array of brands ranging from contemporary to high-end. We are interested in items which have a retail price over RM 200. We happily accept some specialty items without designer labels (e.g. fine jewelry, furs). Please see our comprehensive list for more information on what items/brands we are able to accept

What are the benefits of consigning items with SELLEZ rather than selling them myself?

The biggest benefit is that you do not have to do a thing. We take care of all of the tedious such as: Posting the ads, Taking Pictures, Talking to customers, COD, Payments, Shipping and much more. Added to that our expertly trained staff takes utmost care in delivering our authenticity guarantee. Every item consigned through our services receives a description of its desirable features and detailed measurements, a set of professional photographs, and worldwide exposure through online promotion. We manage all communication with buyers and interested parties, and we package and ship all orders from our office.

What is your commission structure?

The consignor/seller is receiving 50-85% of the profits from each sale. Our 15%-50% are inclusive of all listing fees, Payment fees, and any shipping costs. Our minimum per item commission is RM20 regardless of items sales price and we charge a RM 1.5  (sorting fee) for each item we receive, which we will take from your sales earnings.

How will you determine the value of my items?

We cater to an international audience with a lot of users. The value of items sold on the open auction format (example ebay) is determined by the current demand of the resale marketplace. Fixed pricing for items is determined by extensive research into industry comparisons in both the retail and resale markets. Normally we sell the item for 20-70% less than its retail price depending on the items brand and condition.

How long does the process take and when will I receive payment?

The length of time it takes for your items to be listed on our site can fluctuate slightly depending on our inventory levels. We list all items in as timely a manner as possible, and bank transfer payments are always issued within 2 weeks of an item’s date of sale.

What is your process for authentication?

Each item undergoes a meticulous in-house authentication process during which our expertly trained professionals verify markings and codes, heat stamps, quality of fabrication, hardware, and lining.

SELLEZ reserves the right to decline any merchandise or clothes that does not meet authenticity standards or comply with the standards outlined by the marketplace, as we do not accept any counterfeit items. We offer our full compliance with brands seeking to identify counterfeit products and their sources, providing those brands with contact information of consignors who have violated our contract by consigning disingenuous goods.

Will I be given access to track my items’ listings throughout your process?

Yes, as soon as your items begin making their way through our system, we send a courtesy e-mail urging you to keep watch for links to your auctions within the next 48 hours. As soon as your items launch for auction, you will be provided via e-mail with links to each listing. After receiving the link to your item you have 24 hours to decline our pricing.

Our auction links are automatically generated by our auction software. If you do not receive them within 48 hours of your courtesy e-mail, please contact us directly at info@sellez.co 

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Contact us at info@sellez.co